What Do You Do When Faced With Fear?

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I am not talking about the life or death fear…I am talking about the fear of trying something new, the fear of moving forward, the fear of making a big change, the fear of quitting your job, the fear of making a major decision.  What do you do?  How do you react to fear?

Do you let it cripple you and consume your thoughts?  Do you run the other way and do nothing?  Do you “stuff it” or push it away?  Do you barrel through it and take action?  You may do any combination of these, but in different situations.  What has worked for me is to look at fear with curiosity.  To acknowledge it, listen to it, take it in…but quickly understand what it is saying.

Ask yourself these questions to get to the underlying thought you have about this situation. What thought is making this fear come on so strong?

  • Do I think I am not good enough?
  • Do I not have enough facts to make a decision?
  • Do I not really want to make this big change – am I doing it for the right reasons?
  • Am I fearful of the unknown?

Once you have started to ask yourself these questions, listen authentically to the answers – what are they telling you?  Is there a self-limiting belief there?  Do you know your “why” for the fear?

When you have your answer, the best way to conquer fear is to first change your thought. Reframe and take positive action.  What is one thing you can do to move yourself forward? Here are some examples for some of the most common thoughts

  • “I am not good enough.”:  Write down all of the skills, characteristics and experience you have that make that statement not true.
  • “I do not have enough facts to make this decision right now.”:  Write down the questions you still need answered in order to make a decision.   Then create a plan to get them.
  • “Am I doing this for the right reasons?”: Write down your “why” – what prompted this change. Is your “why” still valid?
  • “Fear of the unknown”:  Visualize the “unknown” – what might it look like?  Who might you talk to in order to get a better picture of the “unknown”?

Second – take action, over and over again!  Action conquers fear – take action and watch the fear dissipate and your accomplishment grow closer!

​If you need help with this process – I am here!

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